The Furry Companions
South Carolina has been good to us (nice town, nice house, close to
relatives), but not so good for our pets.  We arrived with three cats and two
dogs, and 10 months later we were down to one of each.  Heidi the German
Shepherd died of old age in the summer of 99; Gibson the cat ran out the
door and never returned, and Fender the cat succumbed to kidney failure in
January 2000.  And Eric, stalwart brave Eric who was with me for twelve
years, died in late September.  And on December 15, 2000, to top off a
terrible year, Mr. Bingley, one of our two beagles died.  Jane, Bingley's
sister, ran off in Virginia, where hopefully she's wild and free in the
mountains.  We fell into a bunch of beagles in 2003, and got a new kitty in
2010 and now we're all the way down to two...  
Eric (1988 - 2000).  Best damn cat in the world.  RIP, dude.
The Kennel in
the Sky
Bingley (2000 - 2000).  Sweet little dog. RIP.
Here are Brutus (brown) and Brotweiller (black).  They were born in
February 2003 to Lucy, whom you'll meet below.  They are 1/2 beagle, 1/2
unkown but definitely not beagle.  Brutus is around 50 pounds, Brot around
40.  They are swell beasts, sweet and reasonably well behaved.
Here's Brutus' and Brot's litter, just a couple of weeks old.  Brot and Brutus are on the left.  
The others, Lucia, Homer, and Milky Cutty, found good homes.
Heidi (1986 - 1999).  Beloved German Shepherd. RIP.
Fender (1991 - 2000).  Sweet but slightly dim cat. RIP.
Jane (2000 - ???).  Well-loved Beagle, ran off in Virginia.  Survival unknown.
And this is Myuki (2010 - ), our newest family member, exploring the chaos of my desk.
Ouachita (1997 - 2012).  RIP, old friend.
Myuki has odd tastes.  Her favorite food is cantaloupe, which she will fight you for,
followed by green peas, broccoli, various other vegetables, and dog food, with cat food
rather far down on the list.
Brot (2003 - 2015).  RIP, old friend.