The Kennel in the Sky
Fender with Chocko, my Dad's chocolate lab.  Chocko (1981 - 1995) was a
great dog.  RIP.
King (1973 - 1986).  King was my dog from third grade through college.  He
lived long enough to meet Jennifer (and did in fact meet her).  He was pretty
much the best of all possible dogs.  RIP.
Sheba (1985 - 1995) was Jen's parents' beagle.  She was a dog
who thought she was a cat.  RIP.
These animals are no longer with us here on this mortal coil.  They have
rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.  Bereft of life, they
rest in peace.  They have passed on.
Happy times, but all these cats are gone now.  This was me beardless and becatted in
Arkansas, with (L-R) Eric, Gibson (1997 - 1999), and Fender.  Jennifer plucked the
days-old Gibson out of an alley in downtown Pine Bluff.  He became a sweet and
thoroughly amusing cat, with the potential to be an all-time highlights reel pet.  
Unfortunately, a day or two after we moved into our new house in Lancaster he ran out the
front door, never to be seen again.
Fender (1992 - 1999).  A beautiful cat with incredible shiny jet-black fur, Fender
was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  As Jen once observed, "She may have a
camera in there but that's about it."  She was a very sweet and loving cat, however,
and we miss her very much.
Eric (1988-2000)  You always hate to lose a pet, but Eric was extra-special.  
The best damn cat in the world, he was with me for twelve years...finally a
never-really-diagnosed illness left him weak and wasted in September of 2000.
Here are Jane and Bingley, beagle puppies we adpoted in 2000. Bingley (R) was never a
healthy dog, and died before he was a year old of panostetis and meningitis. Jane was with us
until 2003 when she abandoned us in Virginia.  Maybe she was just looking for someplace less
crowded, as by then we had Lucy's litter (and Pretty Girl, another beagle we adopted who died
shortly thereafter) and were dealing with around ten dogs.
Here's a grown-up Jane, before the
population boom.
This is Lucy, Brutus' and Brot's mom.  
Jennifer adopted Lucy off the mean streets
about 20 hours before she gave birth.  She
wasn't just great with pup, she was HUGE.  
In addition to the five pups shown on the
previous page, two were stillborn, so she had
quite a load.  She was literally dragging the
ground.  She was a preternaturally happy
dog, given her life experiences, an inveterate
dumpster diver and escape artist.  She is
This is our hound dog Ouachita (1997 -  2012 ).  He  was my bench dog
(that's a woodworking joke), a lab mutt, rescued from the mean streets of Pine
Bluff, Arkansas....OK, actually from the mean tennis courts of Pine Bluff
Country Club, but you get the idea.  He was  a good dog and smart, but it took
some doing to get his attention.  Julia called him her 'little black wolf'.