Bridesmaid Boxes
My sister had a great idea for the bridesmaid gifts for her wedding:  a wooden box for
each girl, with each box incorporating a piece of wood that represented something
significant in the girl's life. She coordinated in secret with parents, spouses, friends to
get those scraps of wood to me. For one, a piece of aspen from the backyard of her
childhood home, for another part of a log from the family's beach cabin that was
destroyed by Hurricane Hugo, for another a piece of the footbridge she and her new
husband walked over just after their vows, for another a piece from her childhood
sandbox, etc.

A fabulous idea, but how to make it happen?  I pondered for a while and came up with
this idea:
The boxes would all be identical on the outside, mahogany with the center of the top being a
panel of curly maple.  But that center panel would be a veneer; its underside, visible with the
top open, would be the 'special wood'. The bottoms would be upholstered with gorgeous
kimono fabric donated by the groom's family.  

And that's pretty much the way it worked out, except that I used sapele instead of
mahogany... and I decided that no pull was necessary.  The 'special woods' ranged from
whole boards to large sticks to a wooden shoe, so there was some creativity involved in that
aspect. There were eight bridesmaids, plus I made a box for my sister and one for my
mother, so it was quite a flurry of boxmaking!
The raw sapele looked very
light but it finished an attractive
medium brown.  There are only
9 boxes here because I made
the 10th (for the bride) from
September 2010
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