Miscellaneous Stuff - Cars,
Guitars, & Griddles
My American-made Fender Telecaster and my American-made
Gibson ES-335.  I sold the Gibson for mere money to start my
woodworking career; I still have and love the Fender.
My first wheels: a blue 1970 International Harvester Scout II.   No
automatic anything, no power nothing.  Sometimes after soccer practice I
could hardly drive it.  Steering 3 feet across, gear shift stick 3 feet long;
to put it in 4WD you had to get out and lock the hubs.  The speedometer
didn't work, and there was a crack in the hose from the gas cap to the
tank so you'd spill about half the gas you pumped in.  I loved this truck.  
I'd get it back if I could.
This is a really old Westinghouse griddle.  It's at least 50 years old, maybe 70.  My
grandfather was a Westinghouse appliance dealer in Marion, SC for many years.  It still
works perfectly  Nothing to go wrong, really, you plug it in and it gets hot.  No switches,
no knobs.  Note the cool art deco design.  But what's really cool is the "A.C. Only"
inscription on the bottom.  Maybe this harks back to a time when direct current was still a
viable competitor to alternating current, or maybe it just means "don't plug this in to a
battery."  I'm not sure, but I like to think it's the former.