Walnut Sofa Table
Mr. Basil Bailey gave me some lovely Lancaster County walnut that he had cut, rough
sawn, and air dried.  I wanted to do something with it that was stylistically different
from the rectilinear look of most of my previous designs, so I came up with this sort
of Japanese-looking table.    This design, like many of mine,  goes against traditional
design theory by joining the top directly to the leg structures without explicitly allowing
for expansion and contraction of the top, but with such a narrow top I don't think it
will matter too much.

It is solid walnut, with bridle joints at the 'knees' and mortise and tenons in the
stretchers.  The top is screwed on.  Beyond rough bandsawing, I did all the shaping of
the legs with spokeshaves, files, and sandpaper; to bevel the underside of the top I
used a jack plane.  In these photos the table is nearly naked, sporting only a Danish oil
Added 1/5/2002