Walnut Cupboard
2003. From published plans.  I made this as a companion piece to my
walnut wine cabinet, with the same hardware and finish.  The lines are
kinda different, but complementary.  It's sort of hard to notice, especially
with the different colors of the wood in the doors, but the stiles (the vertical
parts of the door frames) taper, giving the whole piece the appearance of
tapering, though it is square.
The flash picture below really pops the curly grain on the door panels, but
the natural light shot above is much closer to how it actually looks.
The doors lock -- the left door has sliding catches at the top and bottom and the right
hand door locks into it.  I made the keyhole escutcheons from ebony and inlaid them
(the one on the left is for visual balance and is fake).
The carcasse is joined with dovetails (detail below); the doors are frame and
panel with mortise and tenon joinery.  The hardware is from Horton Brasses.
This piece made its debut at the 2003 Quilting and Fine Furniture Show at
the Lancaster County Council of the Arts, going into the show hours after I
finished it.  It's actuallly for sale, along with the walnut sofa table that can
be seen on this site.  If either of them sell it would be my first.  "How can
you sell it if you made it as a companion piece to the wine cabinet that you
mean to keep?" you may ask.  The answer is, there's another one in the
works just behind it!