Stickley-Style End
End table. 1998.  Solid cherry, natural finish.  20"x20"x24.5" tall. My
design.  Same design and construction as the coffee table on the
previous page.  The light streak on the leg is sapwood-- not a mistake; I
left it in because I thought it looked cool.  You might think it looks
ghastly, but that's because you're you and I'm me!   The bedside tables
I'm working on will have a similar sapwood streak on each leg. This
photo features Eric T. Cat checking out the action on Deer Run East,
Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
This end table tried to kill me twice, by the way.  The first time was
when I was rough-planing the legs before cutting them to length.  I
didn't have a good way to clamp them so I just had them braced on the
far end, and the last leg was longer than the other three and overhung
the near end of the table by about four inches...when I put
the plane on it and leaned into it, that 2x2 piece of cherry levered up and WHACKED
me in the forehead.  It didn't knock me out, but I saw stars, bled, and needed
stitches.  The second time was when I was trying to chip out a tiny piece of wood
for a repair to the top and plunged a 1/4 inch chisel deep into my left hand.  
Miraculously, no lasting damage ensued.  Moral:  be careful out there, chilluns.