Chandler Bryan  (Chandler),  (Jennifer)
Julia Here are photos of my beautiful daughter.    Updated 1/28/2013
Jen's Upholstery Jen's done some pretty cool stuff... here it is.
Woodworking Projects I make furniture and other stuff from wood.  New bedside tables
Music Making I have recorded a CD of original songs.  Read all about it.
Good Albums Here's a list of my recommendations for excellent pop albums.
Family Photos Just what you'd think...   
Books We Like Just in case you want to know...
The Wild Beasts Have a peek at the dogs and cats that have graced our homes.
Funny Stuff Well, I think so anyway...
Guitars I have some nice axes... have a look!
Interesting... Well, I think so anyway...
Homemade Les Paul style Electric Guitar! Handmade by me, the first guitar I made..
Homemade Acoustic Guitar No. 1. Handmade by me.  First of many acoustics, I hope.
Homemade Acoustic Guitar No. 2. Handmade by me. Second flat-top acoustic.
This is my personal and family website and also a gallery for my
woodworking and luthiery projects.  Enjoy!
Please excuse the clunky site design and the poor quality of some of the photos.  I've
had this site up for a long time now and wasn't all that handy with it back in the day...
Homemade Archtop Jazz Guitar.    Updated  10/27/13