La Musica, La Musica
de  los Chandler
My recording career began soon after college when I got my first 4 track cassette
deck, but it really began sooner, at Winthop House at Harvard one day when
somebody played me a tape that this kid had made of himself singing and playing.  
Whoever played it for me was gushing about it, but what I thought was, "I can do
better than that."  Maybe I have and maybe I haven't, but I like these songs pretty well.
1. High On You
2. Dead Without You
3. He Knows That You Think So
4. All Things to All People
5. Not Guilty Tonight
6. Pounding Out the Miles *
7. College Girl
8. Doing Dishes
9. Wall St. Cowboys *
10. Second Class Romeo ^
11. I'll Do Better Next Time ^
12. Fanatic ^
13. Terra Incognita ^
14. Snowbound
15. The Photo
16. Happy Loving Couples #
17. The Monkey Song
18. You Can't Do That %
All written and performed by me, except:
* Bass by Grant Fleming.
^ Words & Music by me and Jonathan Lesserson; JL sings a bit and plays keyboards.
# Written by Joe Jackson.
% Written by Lennon-McCartney.
Turn It Up
These songs are getting pretty old now... 1-9 are from around '86 to '88, 10-13 are from
'89 and '90,  and the rest from '91 to '93, except "The Monkey Song," which I wrote and
recorded in '96 or '97.  The muse has pretty much dried up, as you can tell.  My creative
urges are strongest when don't have people to talk to, and since Jen and I married
whenever I think of anything interesting I can just turn to her and say it-- my need for
songwriting is much lessened.  But you never know...
And while we're talking music, maybe you'd like to see the albums I think you need to own!
By the way, the "La Musica..." bit is something that Michael Richards
used to do on the show "Fridays" back in the early '80s.  Nobody
remembers it but me, but it's my website so I'll do what I want.
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