Pennsylvania Spice Box
Spice Box. 2007.  I made this as a wedding gift for my sister.  It's mahogany,
with ebony knobs and a maple/walnut inlay on the door. Drawer sides and
cabinet back are pine.  The finish is the turpentine/BLO/Poly I've gotten used to
using, buffed to satin with 0000 steel wool and then waxed.

This piece is from a plan in a Best of Fine Woodworking book, and it's a
complicated sucker, with dozens and dozens of  parts.  I made the moldings on
my router table, piecing together components that I could make in one or two
cuts.  A nice fellow in Roanoke VA turned the feet for me, and Paul Lloret
turned the knobs. And yes, it does have a secret compartment...