Stickley-Style Coffee
Table  No. 2
Coffee table.  1997.  Solid cherry, natural finish.  42"x17"x16" tall.  My design.  
Through-tenon and dowel joinery throughout.  It's hard to see them in these
photos, but all the joints other than the small decorative pieces are made with
through tenons, which means that the ends of each piece extend through the piece
that they join this case they go all the way through and project out the other
side where I have beveled them.  Again, hard to see, but the legs poke up through
the top in low pyramids. There is no metal in this table; it's all joints and glue.
I repaired a fairly grievous injury this table suffered when a TV fell on it
and broke the top all the way down its length (along the red line in the
diagram above). The good news is it glued up nicely, and after I refinished
the top the break line is virtually invisible.
A close up view, better showing the beveling on the through-tenons. This is a
much more accurate depiction of the color than the two above.  So it's a little
dusty, so sue me...