Jen's Projects
Jennifer is a skilled upholsterer, reclaiming chairs from the dust heap to
glory, making beautifully fitted slipcovers for sofas and chairs, creating
charming pillows and tuffets from nothing at all.  She'll do it for you too,
for a fair price!  Here are a few of her creations.
Spool Chair (August '99).  Bought the chair at a yard sale down the street
in May ($15, I think), got around to covering it sometime in the summer,
with my ubiquitous green twill.  It's a nice calming influence next to our
voluptuous, overstuffed living room furniture.
A note on fabrics (or, Hello, I'm Jennifer and I'm a fabric junkie):  I bought 13 yards
or so of stonewashed green twill in Arkansas.  It had an oil stain throughout the bolt
and I haggled them down to $1 or $2 a yard.  I have since discovered that 13 yards
is a lot--a whole lot.  I made a slipcover for a loveseat (see the
stepstool on the
Furniture Projects page:  that's the loveseat it's resting on) that has now been retired
and is being cannibalized for other projects.  I blocked out enough to cover another
small side chair (now going on its third year in a stripped state -- I WILL finish it
this year).  I still have yards and yards left.  It seems to magically reproduce under
the guest room bed.  Luckily, I like it, and it goes with everything in our house, and
parts of Llorets' and Bryans' (Sr.) house too.  You'll see a lot of it as this page

                                                                                      --   Jennifer
Tuffets (November '99).   Christmas presents for the Bryans, Sr.  The plaid is from my stock of
scraps; the floral matches the loveseat slipcover I made for Peggy early last summer.  The feet
are ready-made porch newel posts, sanded, stained and oiled.
Tuffets (November '99).  Christmas presents for the Llorets, Sr.  More green twill.  The one
on the right is theirs; I brought it home after Thanksgiving for cleaning and upholstering -- it
saved me a step.  It was previously dressed in turquoise vinyl.  Mom was only too happy to
turn it over to me.
Pillows (November '99) for Peggy.  More of the floral chintz.  The tassel on the 'envelope'
works as a button closure.  (You know, the green twill goes pretty well with that floral...!)
Tuffet. (March 2000) For Felicia.  This is so very Felicia.
Slipcover (1999).  For Peggy.
Bead embroidery by Jennifer.