Bedside Tables
End Tables.  2000 - 2001.  These are twin tables born a year apart.  Solid cherry
carcasses and drawer fronts, pine drawesr, maple veneer on drawer fronts, brass
knobs. Cherry surfaces stained.  From published plans.  I was preparing to build
a nearly identical table that I had drawn up when I saw this table in Fine
Woodworking and decided to go by Mike Dunbar's design.  I used these tables as
an exercise in traditional methods: final dimensioning of all components, jointing
and gluing up the top, cutting and fitting all the joints, cutting the bead at the
bottoms of the aprons, tapering the drawer bottoms to fit hand-cut grooves in the
sides, shaping the cock beads around the drawers, and final surfacing were all
done with hand tools.
This view shows the dovetail joinery and the cock beading on the drawer.  The
sides are dovetailed into the front in the traditional manner, then the cockbead is
let into the assembled dovetail.
Here's a closeup of the drawer, showing off the gorgeous birdseye maple veneer.
The time lag between completing these tables led to their being not quite
identical-- notice the different number of dovetails in the drawers!