Here's my workbench.  I finished the basic bench around the beginning of October 1999,
then added the shoulder vise (on the left side in the picture) in August 2000.  This bench is
heavy and it's solid as a rock and it's worlds better than the Workmate I had used up to
then (bless its heart).  The top started as a preglued slab of 2 1/2" maple; I built the base
and added the vises.  The base is also rock maple, 3" by 3" legs and feet joined with beefy
through tenons and locked in with screws.  In case you ever wondered, hand-cutting eight
1 1/2 inch square by 3 inch deep mortises in rock maple is a job of work. The end vise (on
the right end) has an integral dog and I let in holes down the length of the top for bench
dogs.  You can also see plane shavings scattered about...oh the joy of planing a firmly
clamped workpiece!  By the way, it's shimmed because the floor's uneven, not because of
the feet!